Apple Orchard & Bakery
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Apple Orchard
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Tuesday- Sunday 10-6pm
August 15th to Thanksgiving

4749 Dibble Rd. Ashtabula, Ohio 44004


Our family invites you to spend some time at our orchard, one of the most scenic spots in Ashtabula County just minutes from several covered bridges, wineries, and Lake Erie. Select from a variety of items made fresh daily in our bakery including pies, turnovers, donuts, muffins, scones and cookies. Enjoy our cider made with handpicked apples, blended for that distinctive, award winning flavor. Our market also offers cookbooks, caramels, jellies and other gourmet pleasures. - Start your apple experience in August and continue to Thanksgiving as new varieties are harvested. Listed below are the estimated harvest dates for our apples, grapes and Asian Pears.

8/15 Jersey Mac

9/1 Einset (red table grapes) 9/15 Honeycrisp 9/25 Red Delicious 10/5 Melrose
8/20 Tydeman's Red 9/1 Himrod (white table grapes) 9/15 Vanessa (red table grape) 9/25 Empire 10/15 Idared
8/20 Paulared 9/1 Glenora (blue table grapes) 9/15 Marquis (white table grape) 9/30 Gala 10/20 Firmgold
8/20 Ginger Gold 9/10 McIntosh 9/15 Mars (blue table grape) 10/1 Golden Delicious 10/25 Stayman Winesap
8/25 Mollie Delicious 9/15 Cortland 9/20 Jonathan 10/5 Rome Beauty